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MVP'S for a Healthier Home

I often summarize the principles discussed in my book, Healthy Harmless Home, by using a sports analogy - MVP'S or Most Valuable PlayerS. I find that it gets people's attention and might be easier to remember. I often sketch it out on a piece of paper - I know, I am old fashioned by still using paper and pencil and not my iPad.

M stands for Moisture. Sometimes we have to add it and often we have to remove it. In the northern climates, we have to add moisture during the winter months in order to maintain 35 - 50% RH (Relative Humidity). We do that for many reasons. One, for comfort. Humans feel best at RH levels between 40-60% RH. Our skin feels better an

d we don't get as many colds. This is because viruses, including the COVID, are much less active at RH levels between 40-60%. Maintaining these RH levels indoors also keeps musical instruments in tune and prevents cracking of woodwork. During the summer, we want to remove moisture and lower RH levels to less than 50% for comfort and to prevent mold growth.

V is for Ventilation. This simply means introducing fresh outdoor air. This can either be done by opening windows when the weather cooperates or by mechanical means. Mechanically we can ventilate our homes with HRVs or ERVs (Heat or Energy Recovery Ventilators) or with what I call an outdoor air duct with Aprilaire 8126 ve

ntilation control. I discuss this topic in my book Healthy Harmless Home.

P is for Particles. Specifically, the reduction of indoor particles via air filters. Air filters come in many sizes and efficiencies and can be located in many places throughout an HVAC system. There are also stand alone air filtrations products for people with breathing difficulties or allergies. I discuss air filtration in more detail in my book.

S is for Sanitization. I like to call this my secret weapon for dealing with microbes, bacteria, molds and viruses. One simple device uses UV light shining on a special metal catalyst to produce hydroxyl ions which deactivate and destroy b

ad particles in our indoor air that cause health problems. This technology has to be correctly sized and applied to be most effective and safe. Again, my book has lots more technical information about this subject.

So there you have it - MVP'S to make any home healthier.

Please email or call me for more information or to ask questions.

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